10 Ways To Make Weight Loss Easy

Don’t you just wish there were a few simple tips for easier weight loss management? Well below, I have explained 10 simple tips for losing weight and keeping it off by going through how you should be eating, when you should be eating, where you should be eating and what you should be eating.

Slow Down Your Eating Sign1. Slow down your eating! The first tip I have for you is, that no matter what food you’re eating, eat is slowly. You stomach takes 20mins to send the message up to your brain telling you that you’re full and you should stop eating. When you eat slowly, chewing every mouthful thoroughly as you go, you give you brain time to catch up and hence your body will tell you when you’re full earlier. So slow down your eating and wait 20mins after your first serving of main course to see if you actually want seconds or move onto dessert.

Are you Hungry or Thirsty2. Don’t be mistaken. It may not be hunger! We can often mistaken boredom, tiredness and even thirst, for what we normally recognise as hunger. Look at your environment, emotions and your other triggers for eating and understand, are these really hunger or am I just bored, or am I actually dehydrated and need some water.

3. As the old saying goes, “Choose more from the paddock than the pantry”. Paddock foods refer to foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts and grains. These contain no hidden “extras” because they are in a natural form. When you start processing these foods; processed meats, fruit flavoured products, chips, cheeses etc. this is where the paddock food becomes your pantry food. These pantry foods, can be harmful to your insides (if preservative and additives are present) and can make your weight loss management more difficult.

Proteins4. Remember your protein for every meal. Ensure you have an intake of protein regularly throughout your day.  You can get your protein from meat, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and dairy. These foods help you feel fuller for longer and provide you with energy to last you through your day….if you have it regularly.

GI-graph5. Choose Low GI foods. Low GI foods refer to ones with a low glycemic index, which is how the food affects our bodies, with relation to the speed and extent of the increase in blood sugar levels. We should choose low GI foods that raise the blood sugar level in small gradual ways. This too, increases the feeling of feeling fully for longer. It also minimises cholesterol production and reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Glass of Water to Drink6. Rehydrate yourself! Drink more Water! As mentioned in tip number 2, we can mistaken our thirst trigger with our hunger one. Drinking more water can add to the feeling of fullness. Drink a glass of water before your meals not only to rehydrate yourself  but to make you fuller before  you have a chance to over-eat. You can also try drinking herbal teas if you don’t enjoy drinking cold water.

7. Say no to Appetite enhancers! Salt along with many additives are classed as flavour enhancers. These are used in foods to increase the want for more food consumption. If you want to eat less and lose weight, then avoid these nasties. Click here to see a list of additives that you may find on the back of packaging, so you know what to avoid.

Eat Regularly-Toast Clock8. Don’t starve yourself! Eat Regularly! As I mentioned in my post on A Good Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner skipping meals is a big No No. You can gain weight skipping meals and increase your indulgment in your next meal time slot. So make sure you eat something at least every four hours, even if it is a snack between you main meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner).

9. Eat your homemade food! Alot of the time when we make our food, it contains fewer kilojoules, less fat, sugar and salt, as oppose to food you would get out of a package and even food you would get from a cafe. The other bonus is that you know exactly what is in your food. It won’t contain any artificial preservatives, it will contain the portions of each ingredient just the way you like it and you never have to ask the waiter or check the package for food intolerances such as gluten, dairy, nut and soy etc. So basically if you want a job done properly, do it yourself, and eat your own homemade food!

10. Balance your energy intake with your energy output! This basically means that you can’t just change your diet habits if you want to lose weight; you need to change your fitness/exercise habits too. If you eat more then you need to exercise more.

Pretty simple, but if you need to know more about this then check out my articles on Simple Steps To Losing Weight in conjunction with Exercise Principles for a Healthy Mind Body and Spirit.

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