A Good Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Protein Intake E.g.: eggs, fish, yogurt, nuts.
Carbohydrates Intake E.g.: oats or muesli, bread, fruit.
Good Fats Intake E.g.: Adding ground nuts and seeds (LSA Mix), lecithin, chia seed to your oats or muesli.  Or you can even add olive oil or flaxseed onto your morning toast instead of margarine or butter.
Skipping breakfast is a big No No! People who don’t have it are likely to be overweight, Consume more energy (kJ) in their day, Over compensate by eating high fat and high GI foods during their day and they can also be deficient in many nutrients as the morning is the best intake period for nutrient.

Protein Intake E.g.: 125g of canned fish or a breast of chicken.
Carbohydrates Intake E.g.: 1-2 pieces of wholegrain bread (do the squash test to see how dense the bread is – indicator of how many good things are jam-packed in the bread), brown rice, quinoa or wholegrain pasta.
Vegetable Intake E.g.: Big Leafy greens salad, vegetable juice.
If you’re feeling like a sweet snack after your lunch, and you’re not full, try having one piece of fruit or a handful of berries.

Protein Intake E.g.: A fillet of Fish, Kangaroo, lamb or beef steak, or a non-meat substitute are beans.
Carbohydrates Intake E.g.: At this time of the day, you need to reduce the amount of carbs you ingest (before you go to sleep). Small serving of wholegrain (as oppose to white rice) and sweet potatoes (instead of regular potatoes) are good examples of the carbs to eat at night.
Vegetable Intake E.g.: At night, you should eat vegetables that are non-starchy such as; asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, mushrooms, capsicum/bell peppers and zucchini.
Try to have your dinners earlier than 7:30pm. This is because your body needs to time to digest and process the food before you go to sleep and some of the food you eat can take a few hours to process.’

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