Are you thinking about your Lunch?

What do you have for lunch when you’re working? A nice healthy thought-through lunch, or a last minute, last resort meal typically consisting of a meat pie, chips and a soft drink? I’m going to compare the Thinking (organised) person’s lunch, to the Non-Thinking (un-organised) person’s lunch.

An organised lunch will consist of a combination of a palm size portion of protein, a cup of carbohydrates and vegetables. All these good things would come from a lunch; prepared in the morning before work, freshly made from the cafe/shops nearby work or even brought in leftovers from last night’s healthy dinner. The organised lunch could also consist of drinking a glass of water, cup of herbal tea (hot or cold) or a freshly squeezed juice to rehydrate.

An unorganised person’s lunch is not thought through and may even be skipped, because it hasn’t been prepared, or thought about. Here, lunch would probably consist of the easiest option, e.g. grabbing a Big Mac from McDonalds or chips, pie and a soft-drink, from the bakery. An un-organised lunch, such as the one just mentioned, can equate to 5 times the amount of kJ (Energy) and fat, than a meal had by a person, who has taken the time to think about lunch time.

Thinking Person’s Lunch Vs the Non-Thinking Person’s Lunch

Homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich

Big Mac

Servings 1 Sandwich 1
Energy 13331.4kJ (317Cal) 2478 kJ (590Cal)
Protein 29g 24g
Fat – Total 14g 34g
– Saturated 2g 11g
– Trans 0g Value Not Given
Carbohydrate 28 47g
– Sugars 8g 8g
Dietary Fibre 7g 3g
Sodium 632mg 1070mg

Just remember that lunch needs to provide the nutrients to help you sustain your energy for the rest of your working day, and fill you up enough to last till dinner.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Wow very inspiring information about lunch snacks, I’ll be sure to plan my lunches from now on and avoid unhealthy places like McDonalds! Cheers, Jordan

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