The 5 Rules to Food Supermarket Shopping

Supermarket Shopping

Do you find that when you go shopping for food, you end up being lost and you over-shop? Well when shopping for food, you should follow 5 simple rules to lower your cost and maintain your sanity.

  1. Don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach! Why? Well this can result in filling up a trolley with rubbish food. Research has shown that we unconsciously select our food based on its higher energy, fat and sugar contents, when we shop on an empty stomach.
  2. Write a list before you go shopping and stick to it! Making sure that you write you list and ticking the items off as you go, reduces the impulse junk food shopping spree. Healthy food bought and less money spent is the goal and with a list, you can achieve just that.
  3. Living on the edge! Have you ever paid attention to what foods are placed around the edges of supermarkets? Well it’s where all the Fresh food is; fresh fruit and vegetables, meats/fish, dairy products and your breads. The edge is where you should do most of your food shopping in a supermarket.
  4. Turn off auto-pilot and be creative! Over the years, you may have developed certain shopping habits; always going for the same bread, same vegetables, same pre-packaged foods. Well you should aim to change is up every time you shop. Try to make your basket or trolley look different every time. You have to realise that supermarkets have been designed to encourage the “auto-pilot” habit and it’s your job to try to break it.
  5. Compare you items and different brands! This is where you need to learn the different between different products and how they vary between brands. Familiarise yourself with the nutritional information, the quality of the ingredients and the prices. Want to know how to do this? Read my article on Reading (and making sense of) the “Nutritional Information” Panel
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  1. Jordan says:

    Hi Nise,
    I really enjoyed reading this article and will make sure to stay alert when i go shopping. I’ll even make a list and go on a full stomach 🙂

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