The Right Mindset for Fitness

Right Mindset Running

Do you find it difficult to get motivated or be in the right mindset for fitness? Well below I have listed a few things that will help you find the right mindset to exercise regularly, become fit and have fun doing it.

SETTING GOALS – You should set some goals as your first step. Set some realistic goals, especially if you are new to exercising. To set these goals you have to first determine why you have chosen to start exercising, or increase the amount you are currently doing. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying tone your body? Are you doing it for health reasons, such as rehabilitation after injury, or sickness (health condition)? Whatever the reasoning is, it will help you set the goals which are right for you. Just remember to start small and work yourself up.

WORK OUT WITH A FRIEND – Whether you choose to join a gym, get a personal trainer or just ring up one of your friends, working out with another person can motivate you to achieve your goals. A lot of people work out and if they don’t then they probably want to and are in the same boat as you….need to find the right mindset to start. This means, you’re probably going to find a fitness buddy in no time. When you work out with a friend, one of two things will happen (which motivate you); your competitive side will come out and push you harder, or you will just plainly find exercising with someone else more fun.

JUST DO IT! – It doesn’t matter what exercise routine you choose, just do it! Don’t make excuses like; “I can’t afford a gym membership”, “I don’t have time”, “ I’m too scared and embarrassed”. That sort of mindset is what we are trying to stray away from here. There are so many different things you can do for exercise, so you can never have any excuses. Here’s just a few; Walking/jogging/running around the park or down the street (possibly with the dog), Walking/running (safely) up and down the stairs 10 or more times, Watching some fitness videos, or even play some fitness games on your game consoles. The indoor exercise routines are especially good for throwing out the excuse that “it’s raining outside, how can I go for a walk or run around the park now?” My aim here is to show you that you should not let anything discourage you from reaching your fitness goals.

FUEL YOUR BODY PROPERLY – Becoming fit cannot happen if you’re not eating properly and giving your body the right fuel for exercise. If you are not already doing so, you need to start eating healthier. You need to give your body the right nutrients to sustain your workouts.

ENJOY EXERCISING! – It’s very simple; if you don’t enjoy doing something, such as exercising, then where is the motivation to keep doing it? That means you need to find something that you enjoy and do it the way you want and at your own pace. That way you will be kept interested and motivated to keep going. I have a large list of exercises on this website. If you’re finding it hard to find something you like then choose something from my list that makes you feel motivated and excited to start exercising. Just remember that you need a healthy mindset to start exercising and once you start and enjoy it, your mind will generally become clearer and healthier, making your job of continuing to exercise much easier.

What do you do to get motivated for fitness and exercise? Tell us below or email, if you have any comments or want to know more. You can also check out our TwitterFacebook and Pinterest pages.

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3 Responses to The Right Mindset for Fitness

  1. Jordan says:

    Hi Nise,
    I am very greatful for the effort you put into this article and making it an interesting and useful read. If nothing else i hope anyone else reading it at least grasps the importance of a mindset.


  2. Erica says:

    So true, the “just do it” comment. That applies to everything…exercise, healthy eating…why do we make excuses and do everything else…but! Thanks for the suggestions. For me, it was first a wake up call that I was killing myself, but second, it was just making the healthy things a daily part of my routine!

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