Health Benefits of Herbal Teas (G)

Have you ever wondered what is so good about Herbal teas and what are their health benefits? If so, then keep reading because I’m going to go through ALL the herbal teas available and tell you the health benefits of each.
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Ginger’s Health Benefits include;
– Aids with digestion. Drunk every day can relieve stomach issues such as gas, diarrhea and indigestion. Ginger neutralises stomach acids, tones the digestive tract muscles and encourages secretion of the digestive juices.
– Remedy for Flues and colds, headaches and sore throats.
– Prevents nausea and vomiting, as the ingredient Gingerols in Ginger blocks the reflex that would normally cause someone to vomit. Gingerols prevents nausea by decreasing oxidative products which are produced in the digestive tract.
– Good for the heart as it lowers blood cholesterol levels and reduces clotting and thinning of the blood. It is a good drink for people suffering from high blood pressure.
– For women, Ginger tea can be helpful in reducing menstrual cramps and relaxing muscular spasms, as well as reducing pain during ovulation.
– Reduced heartburn.
– Controls chronic pains.
– Stops bad breath
– Anti-fungal properties
– Fights infection
– Stimulates appetite.

Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola’s Health Benefits include;
– Increasing brain capacity
– Improving blood circulation.
– Anti-microbial properties
– Diuretic properties
– Anti-inflammatory properties.
– Remedy for Fatigue
– Remedy for stress and anxiety

Green Tea
Green tea’s Health Benefits include
– Great Anti-oxidant
– Clears the skin making it acne free and healthier
– Calms digestion
– Helps fight against the formation of cancer
– Aids in the control of diabetes
– Assists in the prevention of Heart Disease.
– Aids in weight loss
– Slows aging process
– Improves bowel function
– Most green teas (unless otherwise specified) contain some amount of caffeine, therefore making it a great and healthy substitute for coffee.

Gymnema’s Health Benefits include;
– Reducing cravings for sugar and reducing blood sugar levels
– Anti-inflammatory properties. Helps treat snakebites and swollen glands, when applied topically.
– Aids with weight control.

Click the letters below, to browse all the Herbal Teas and their benefits.
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