Eating Enough Fruit and Vegetables?

Are you eating enough fruit and veggies everyday? The recommended intake for an adult is 5 serves of vegetables and 2 fruits per day. Fruits and Vegetables are packed full of nutrients – vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and water.
How much is One Serve?

Don’t let busy lifestyles get in the way of getting your daily intake. Here are some tips and tricks to get more serves of Fruits and Vegetables into you daily diet. For more information on the tips below, check out 12 ways to get more fruits and veggies into your diet. (POST COMING SOON)

  1. Boost your brekky with fruits or veggies
  2. Double the veggies in recipes
  3. Grate or puree you veggies – sneak them into your food
  4. Meat-free Monday (or other days too!, if you’re not already vegetarian or vegan)
  5. Experiment with a new veggie each week. Seasons change and so do the availability of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Keep a stash of snack fruits and veggies.
  7. Dessert doesn’t always mean sweets – it can mean a bowl of fruits
  8. Incorporate a salad into at least one of your meals per day – there are many types of salads you can make.
  9. Make smoothies and juices!
  10. Use dips to make vegetables sticks more appealing
  11. Cook your own chips – not just potato chips, but banana and kale chips
  12. Lose the bread and use veggies instead!

Extra great tips about Fruits and Vegetables – to save time and money;
Buy long lasting vegetables like potatoes, carrots and onion, so that you can go shopping for these less often and save you time during your busy schedule.
Buys some frozen vegetables for those emergency quick meals that need to be made.
Citrus fruits can be kept in the fridge for a longer life span.

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