Beginners Meditation – 6 Ingredients

Learn How to Meditate – The ingredients
Meditation is a great way to calm the mind and nerves from stress, anxiety, guilt, sadness and depression. It brings the mind back to a peaceful and balanced state. It is also a great tool for opening up the mind to a deeper state of consciousness and enlightenment.
Meditation - sunset

1. Find a place you feel comfortable in
Find a quiet place where you are not likely to be interrupted. Maybe a spare room, a back yard or a court yard, the park, the beach or wherever you feel comfortable.

Meditation can also been done during everyday activities, such as sitting at your desk, washing the dishes or during repetitive activities such as swimming, walking or running.

2. Sit straight or relaxed
Sitting in a lotus or half lotus position (sitting in a cross-legged) can help with meditation but it is not necessary. If you find somewhere comfortable and relaxing, to sit or lie down, that is great for meditation.

3. Slow and steady – and no expectations
As a beginner, 5 to 15 minutes a day may be enough. Meditation can be thought of as an inner muscle which, like with any other muscle, grows stronger, but if overworked in the beginning, it can become tired and strained. Work your way up to a longer meditation, as there is no rush (only “Now” exists)…….meditation will show you that once you start getting into it.

Do not have any expectations of what each meditation session will bring out or bring into you, so just let it flow for as long as you feel comfortable. There is no “should be” with the outcome. Just slowly, soulfully, sincerely practice meditation and let whatever emotions, feelings and thoughts come up and pass as they need to.

4. Choosing the right time
Well actually, there is no “right” time, but sometimes is helps to schedule in a time(s) each day for your meditation. Just as food nourishes your physical self, meditation nourishes your mental and spiritual self. Develop the habit of practicing meditation daily, as it will train your mind to go deeper into meditation as each day passes.

A few suggested times for meditation are;
-In the morning before you eat your breakfast or start work. Meditating during your morning shower is a great idea, as you are washing away any unwanted energy down the drain and making more room for positive energy. Meditating at the beginning of the day will fill you with peace for the rest of the day.
-After work, or after a busy day, to help release any stress that has built up during the day.
-Meditating before going to bed to help you have a more sound sleep.
Note: It is not suggested to meditate straight after eating a big meal as the food will weigh you down and can make meditation difficult. Wait an hour or 2 before practising meditation.

5. Music
Music can be a very powerful tool in meditation. It has sometimes been referred to as the “language of the soul”. Playing peaceful music will create a beautiful atmosphere and will enhance the quality of your meditation experience. You will absorb the music and feel a deep inner stillness. Sometimes music can also prevent you from being distracted whilst meditating.

6. You
The final and most important ingredient you need for meditation is YOU, as the whole process is about you. Your experiences, your discoveries, you as the student and you as the real teacher will be revealed. The greatest gift of meditation is the Faith in Oneself.

The Method
There are many different ways of meditating and relaxing the mind such as, focusing on your breath, relaxing every body part consciously, chanting and visualizing. Each session of meditation should start with a few deep inhalations and exhalations. Every time you have a thought or distraction, accept that it is there and let it pass, without judgment. Focus back onto your breath and you will be brought back into the now. Listening to a guided meditation or watching meditation videos can be very helpful.

The more you practice meditation, the more automatic it will become to control your emotions, pains and reactions to everyday events, regardless of what is around you.

Meditation is a very large topic so If you would like more info, including video and guided meditation audio links, send us an email, or check out our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

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