Getting Started With Weight Loss

Getting Started With Weight Loss

Beginning a diet and embarking on a weight loss program can sound difficult and intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to begin. In the “eat-n-run” and large-portions size culture we live in, losing weight can sometimes be a challenge. Firstly know that there is no particular quick and easy fix for weight loss; it is instead based on a philosophy of making changes in the long term that can be incorporated into your lifestyles i.e. stable and sustained weight loss. Therefore, the key to reaching your healthy weight successfully and of staying motivated in this journey is by making simple and realistic changes in your diet and level of physical activity that can become a part of your daily lives. Losing weight is not easy; it requires commitment as well as a well thought out plan. Here is a step by step guide to getting started with healthy weight loss.

Commit to Change
The first step is to make a long-term commitment with yourself. In order to follow through with the decision of losing weight, you need to bring about a permanent change in their eating and exercising habits for the rest of your life. Although many popular diets may help jump-start weight loss, it is only the permanent changes that will work in the long run. Writing down the reasons for losing weight, your target weight & target exercise and the deadline of achieving any particular goal may help in many cases.

Assess Where You Are Right Now
Find out where you stand currently. Start taking note of everything that you eat in your current lifestyles in form of a food diary. This allows you to keep track of your eating habits and to eliminate negative foods from the daily routine more effectively. Thus, showing clear exact results which in turn helps in keeping one motivated.

Set Realistic and Achievable Goals
Focus more on short term goals. Small changes every day will lead to bigger results in the long run. Setting outrageously unattainable goals will most likely result in failure and abandonment of your weight loss program. Such abstract goals feel useless in your day to day struggle. Instead, the goals should be specific and challenging but within reach.

Find a Support Group
Seek out support whether in form of family, friends or a support group to provide you with the encouragement you need to lose the weight. Making lifestyle changes can feel easier when you have others to talk to and rely on for support. This may also come in handy when you have others with similar goals to share information and new ideas with.

Making smart choices everyday will enable you to develop new eating habits and preferences and to consequently lead a healthy, happy life leaving you feeling satisfied- and successful in fighting the bulge!

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