5 Ways to Cure Foot Odour

Smelly FeetFood odour or smelly feet, technically known as bromhidrosis, can be really embarrassing for the person suffering from it. It makes it absolutely impossible to kick your feet up in a room full of people and creates a bad impression about poor hygiene on those who share your surroundings.
Smelly feet can be traced to the bacteria that find the dark and moist environment in your feet, socks and shoes an ideal place to breed and multiply. It is a natural process to sweat for efficient functioning of our body. However, sweat consists of proteins and amino acids on which the bacteria feeds on and therefore results in producing the pungent foul smell. If you can keep your feet clean and dry, you need not worry about the bacteria releasing this unappealing smell. Following are the five best ways to cure smelly feet.

1. Epsom salt foot soak
Epsom salt mixed in warm water is the ideal soak to prevent feet from getting stinky. It not only neutralizes odor and keeps feet dry but also soothes aches and pains. Before going to sleep, soak your feet for at least 15 minutes into half a bucket of water with two tablespoons of Epsom salt in it.
2. Tea bath
Brew two tea bags in a small bath of water and soak your feet in it for ten minutes every night for seven consecutive days. It is one of the most effective ways to remove feet odor as the tannins in tea are an effective way to close down some of the pores present in your feet by contracting the sweat glands. As a result, it creates an unfriendly environment for the bacteria present to reproduce. However, using a tea bath might tan your feet slightly if you are using a darker colour tea 😛
3. Vinegar
Another bacteria fighter known all around is vinegar. Create a soak of half cup vinegar in a tub of warm water. Vinegar being acidic creates an environment which makes it difficult for the bacteria to thrive in. as the quantity of bacteria existing on your feet reduces, so does the smell.
4. Zinc
Make sure that you are getting enough zinc. One of the symptoms of zinc deficiency is strong foot odor. Consume zinc tablet of liquid daily for two weeks in order to prevent an occurrence of smelly feet. On a similar note, if you have bad under-arm odour, taking Zinc can also be beneficial.
[NOTE: Always follow the instructions on the bottle (or talk to your health care practitioner), as Zinc needs to be taken in such a way as to be absorbed properly and not inhibit other vitamin and mineral absorption]
5. Baking soda
Sodium bicarbonate or more commonly known as baking soda helps to neutralize the PH of salt and thus, effectively kills the bacteria. It works by absorbing the bad scent if a small amount of it is placed in both socks and shoes before wearing.

If the above solutions do not work then consult a physician who may prescribe you with a strong antiperspirant to do away with this issue. Be aware also that poor diet (eating habits) can lead to bad odours produced anywhere the body sweats as well, so be sure to incorporate a healthy eating habit into your life as well as the 5 tips listed above.

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