Natural Remedies For Allergies

Natural Allergy RemediesEach change of season all year round, bring with it, its own brand of unique allergies. From spring’s pollens to winters flu, effects of these allergies may vary from a common hay fever to a full scale asthma attack. Reactions ranging from itchy eyes, runny nose and continuous coughing and sneezing can all cause a big damper on everybody’s mood.

The person undergoing these allergic reactions usually prefers to opt for allergy supplements or over the counter medication seeking instant reprieve from his current situation. However, for mild cases it is always better to cure yourself by utilizing the relatively cheap and hassle-free method of selecting some of the following home remedies in order to achieve an immediate relief.

Rinsing your nasal cavity with salt water is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for stuffed up sinuses. It is the most effective way to loosen the accumulated mucus, remove inflammation-causing irritants and to flush out allergens. The process involved is to mix two teaspoons of salt into warm distilled water and to pour this solution into one nostril and let it come out from the other. Repeat with the other side. A neti pot can also be used in order to increase convenience.
Honey has long known to have pollen fighting abilities. Studies show that consuming a small amount of honey on a regular basis would result in making a person immune against the irritating effects of flu and cold.
Peppermint tea is the ideal option to clear away clogged up membranes. The essential oil present in it has mild anti inflammatory and antibacterial constituents and acts as a decongestant and expectorant. The steam coming out of a hot cup of tea can also aid in releasing mucus from the nasal passages.
Apple cider is an age old medicine that is known to be helpful for a number of allergy reliefs by blocking our body’s histamine reaction. Its basic function is to decrease mucus production, reduce inflammation and to clear out and cleanse the lymphatic system.
Dust mites strive and multiply in a humid environment. Therefore, it is vital to invest in a good dehumidifier in order to prevent molds, a very reactive allergen, from growing around the house. A dehumidifier helps to get allergens out of the air by binding them to the water droplets. This results in making them heavy and to fall on the floor instead of you inhaling them.

However, one must be careful before following any natural remedy as depending upon the type of allergy; some might actually trigger an allergic reaction. Moreover, life threatening allergies are a matter of serious concern and should always be discussed with the doctor or a health care professional on a regular basis.

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