Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

As a person ages, their body processes become less smooth and they becomes susceptible to degenerative and age-related diseases. Research shows that there are an abundance of foods that contain anti-aging properties, and they have been found to be very effective when consumed on a regular basis. Such that in the perennial quest for longevity, although there are no miracle cures however, what is on your plate carries a lot of importance.

Although healthy diet and exercise can help you remain fit, the following ten super foods will most definitely help you counteract the undesirable effects of aging and prevent serious ailments such as diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

1. Berries
Berries of all types are super rich in anti-oxidant,s which have been proven through studies to slow neurological degeneration, prevent memory loss, ease inflammation and slow down the growth of cancer cells.
2. Nuts
Nuts are rich sources of unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. Consuming them regularly may help us in maintaining cardiovascular and brain health, prevent cell damage, lowering blood pressure as well as strengthening bones
3. Fish
Consuming fish provides the body with omega-3 fatty acids. These not only strengthen skin cell membranes but also positively influence that part of the brain which is responsible for attitudes and moods within us. This aids in maintaining a good outlook and a feeling of well being even in old age.

4. Dark Chocolate
A very important constituent in chocolate is flavonals which primarily focuses on maintaining healthy functioning of the blood vessels. Moreover, flavonals also assist in preventing inflammation and protecting against the harmful effects of UV rays, reducing wrinkles and making you look younger.
5. Olive oil
Studies have discovered that olive oil is made up of mono un-saturated fats. This explains the lower rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer and age-related cognitive decline in people who consume olive oil on an everyday basis.
6. Whole grains
Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, a wholegrain meal would help you stay slim. It rids your body of unwanted substances, lowers your appetite and prevents age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease as well as cancer.

7. Tomato
Tomatoes- and certain other red foods- contain an antioxidant lycopene which not only aids in maintaining youthful skin texture but also prevents cancer-like diseases.
8. Garlic
Eating garlic is the most natural way of strengthening your immune system. Its numerous benefits include lowered blood pressure, maintaining cell growth, fight against all types of infections and protection against stomach cancers specifically.
9. Yoghurt
Yoghurt is infamously known to contain the ‘good bacteria’ which maintains gut health, encourages cell growth and staves of intestinal issues. Moreover, the calcium in yoghurt also fights against osteoporosis i.e. weakening of bones.

10. Green tea
Green tea is loaded with EGCG which is the most powerful antioxidant. Therefore, drinking more amounts of green tea will not only shield against cardiovascular disease but also fight against Alzheimer’s.

Therefore, adopting a healthy diet in your day to day life is the best solution to stop the clock and to maintain good health for years to come. Although, the above mentioned foods may vary slightly from one expert to another however, this basic list will almost always be mentioned.

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