Top 5 Hot Spots For Germs In Your Home

Germ Hot Spots In the HomeKeeping your house clean is an imperative and vital task in order to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle for yourself as well as your family. Irrespective of how many times you clean your house, wash your hands or wipe away any particular countertop, appliances or the floors. Germs have known to sneak their way in to the nooks and corners of each and every occupied household.
This article provides the insight on the five germiest places within your home and how to fight against them and protect your family effectively.

1. Kitchen Sponge/ Dish Towel
Sponges and rags pick up uncountable amounts of bacteria during cleaning and if not sanitized properly after, the germs tend to stick to the towel and multiply rapidly in the nasty moist environment of the sponge ideal for their growth. A dirty kitchen sponge results in spreading of the germs to all areas including food, making it the ultimate germ facilitator and causes various health issues including life threatening skin infections.
2. Kitchen Sink
A kitchen sink is another the prime spot for germ growth. Between all the dirty water and cleanup that passes through it, no wonder it made it to 2nd on the list. The research centre for hygiene studied that a kitchen sink has 100,000 times more germs then even a toilet seat! Instead of just being wiped, a sink, as well as the drain hole, should always be properly disinfected in order to kill the existing mould and bacteria from their roots.
3. Toothbrush
Flushing the toilet can cause the germs to fly everywhere around your bathroom. A toothbrush is a primary target for germs to strive and thrive. Firstly they are loaded with germs due to being placed very near to the toilet area/room and secondly people hardly wash their toothbrushes properly and regularly. For proper hygiene, it is important that you clean your toothbrush as well as its cover on a regular basis and preferably at a high temperatures to permanently kill the bacteria. Moreover, take care to keep it in an upright position so that it stays dry and don’t ever share your toothbrush with anyone in order to prevent catching germs of other people.
4. Toys
All types of toys are practically crawling with e coli bacteria, yeast and many moulds. Encourage children in the house to wash their hands after playing with any types of toys and pets etc.
5. Cell/Mobile Phone
Studies found that cell phones can cause severe stomach infections, skin ailments as well as eye infections. Between our hands and our mouth, the top germ transmitters, all phones are tremendously germy. Make sure to wipe it clean on a weekly basis with a very hot towel.

Despite the common misconception that bathrooms are the dirtiest places that reek with bacteria, extensive research proves otherwise. Studies of the quantity and quality of bacteria, virus and fungal growth on different areas within a house show that kitchen is the ultimate winner of consisting the maximum amount of these foul and multiplicating microbes within it. Did you know that!?

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