Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Boost Your MetabolismNo two bodies are alike. Due to a number of factors including age, weight, diet, exercising routine as well as genetics, different people consuming the same amount of calories would burn food at completely contrasting rates owing to varying metabolic rates.

Metabolism is a body process that can be defined as the procedure through which our body converts the food that we eat in to energy that is required for everything that we do such as eating, breathing, sleeping, growing and moving about to fulfill all our routine tasks.
However the good news for those with a slow metabolic rate is that new research shows that it is possible to speed up one’s rate of digestion through various simple lifestyle and dietary changes. With determination, consistency and strength your metabolism can indeed be increased by following a variety of trouble-free natural steps.

1. Have a Hearty Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in terms of metabolism. Don’t ever miss it as consuming a nutrient rich meal in the morning is the perfect wake-me-up for your body system that is much needed after such many hours of sleep throughout the night. Start your day off right with yoghurt, oatmeal or other high fiber foods that leave you feeling fuller and help to jump-starts your metabolism effectively.
2. Don’t Starve Yourself
Not getting a sufficient amount of calories every day would signal your body to go in to starvation mode and puts a break to fat burning in order to conserve energy. This plunges your metabolic rate to a very slow rate as the body is robbed of the basic nutrients to satisfy even its basic functions.
3. Nibble Throughout The Day
Consuming smaller meals throughout the day i.e. after every 2-3 hours have seen to improve the metabolic rate. Nibbling all day will hold your blood sugar levels steady and the metabolism running as opposed to undergoing weight gain promoting insulin spikes.
4. Pile On The Proteins
Your body digests protein at much slower pace then carbs or fats. Proteins are basically made up of amino acids which are hard to assimilate and therefore it takes our body more energy to break them down. Therefore, consuming a protein diet would help in burning nearly 200-300 extra calories every day.
5. Drink Plenty Of Water
The energy burning process of metabolism needs water in order to work effectively. An average human needs to drink at least 8 ounces of water every day. This would not only help in maintaining your weight but also prevent you from getting bloated due to water retention and aid in flushing out all the body toxins on regular intervals. Drinking two glasses of ice cold water in the morning have also proved to speed up the metabolism levels.

Therefore, the key to giving your metabolic rate an upward surge in a natural way is to strike a fine balance between caloric intake, workout routine and opting for healthier food options.

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