Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Health

Owning Pets Good For Your Health (DOC DOG) - EatHealthyLiveFit.comWe all know that pets tend to improve our overall quality of life. However, detailed research and study now proves that pets also tend to provide many additional health benefits to their respective owners. While emotionally, all pets help to decrease and deal with stress, anxiety and depression. On the other hand, from a medical point of view having a pet can lower your blood pressure, strengthen your immunity and reduce your chances of heart stroke. This article outlines certain reasons how an animal friend might help you stay healthy and live longer.

People with allergies actually produce antibodies in the air passages or skin in response to irritants which causes inflammation. It has been observed that people who have been continuously exposed to animals since a young age are less likely to be susceptible to developing allergies and asthma. The concept behind this theory is that constant exposure makes the infants immune to animal fur, saliva or the germs that they may be carrying by desensitizing the immune system.
A companionship in form of a pet can lower unease and anxiety while at the same time provides comfort, ability to cope and confidence to their owners to socialize and interact. High stress levels result in release of the Cortisol hormone which creates a flight or fight situation due to adrenaline rush. However, a consistent state of anxiety can take its toll on an individual heart as well as other organs. Evidence indicates that pet owners show less depression and reduced stress.
Even simple acts of petting an animal have shown a drop in escalated blood pressure levels especially in hypertensive and high risk patients. Moreover, many heart related studies prove that people who own pets have a noticeable lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels then non-pet owners. This results in lowering the possibility of having cardiovascular disease.
Having a pet increases the total amount of physical activity that a person has to undergo. Dogs can substitute as ideal personal trainers due to the need to walk them several times a day. This in turn helps the owners to maintain their weight and stay healthy and active.
Children who grow in a household consisting of pets benefit in numerous ways. Not only are they able to relate, interact and express themselves better but having an animal in the family also helps young people to develop a nurturing behavior, enhance their self esteem and prevents any feeling of isolation and loneliness within them. Moreover, pets have also shown positive results in improving the condition of autistic kids by encouraging them to focus on routine and responsibility.

Owning a pet can also aid in controlling blood sugar levels i.e. diabetes, improving Alzheimer patients, reducing the feeling of pain and improving one’s socializing skills tremendously. Therefore, all the studies point towards the fact that owning an animal is greatly rewarding physically, mentally as well as psychologically.

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