The Health Benefits of Spirulina

10 Health Benefits of Spirulina.

This simple one-celled blue – green algae is infamous for being the most nutritious food source in the entire world and provides protection against all types of diseases and ailments. Spirulina is basically a bacterium that is green in colour, highly nutritious, absorbs energy from the sun and can be found in fresh as well as salty water environments. Its high protein and iron content makes it the ideal food to be consumed for all people especially vegetarians in order to improve their overall health levels. This substance contains more than a hundred different nutrients – higher than in any other plant or herb – and is widely used as an effective energy source among other purposes in form of a food supplement.

The vast array of health boosting properties of spirulina far outshines its bad flavor. It is full of essential and extremely beneficial substances that improve human health drastically.
Immune Support
Many studies show that Spirulina being a powerful antioxidant encourages the production of disease fighting antibodies and immunity improving cells while simultaneously prevents cell degeneration (cancer) and pushes away chronic infections and serious diseases. This substance reduces body cholesterol levels by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol within the human system. It also acts against herpes, liver disorders influenza and HIV.
Removing toxins
In today’s era, our bodies are bombarded with toxins through water, air and even foods that must be continuously removed in order to prevent any long term accumulation. Spirulina contains all the required nutrients to efficiently cleanse and detoxify our body from pollutants, heavy metals and harmful radiations.
Spirulina stops or reduces the release of histamines i.e. compounds that promote allergic reactions such as runny nose and soft tissue swelling. This nutrient also supports absorption and assimilation of the good vitamins which further aid in protection against all types of infections.
It is the most potent anti aging product that is available in the market. With characteristics ranging from good metabolism, perfect vision, strong teeth as well as bones, Spirulina consumers can be promised to be provided with complete health protection.
Weight loss
This substance stimulates healthy digestion and bowel movements within the digestive tract along with improving overall stamina. Moreover, being rich in proteins, Spirulina assists in increasing muscle mass while at the same time curbing any hunger pangs and therefore, helps a person in maintaining their ideal body weight.

It is vital to take care that Spirulina is harvested specifically from non contaminated ponds and water bodies in order to prevent any intoxication. Being free from any side effects, this supplement is also widely prescribed by all doctors. Thus, this green super food is a must-include element in every diet on a regular basis regardless of any nutritional needs and preferences for the purpose of leading a healthy active life.

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