Why Modern Men Are So Exhausted

ModernManExhausted - EatHealthyLiveFit.comFeeling exhausted is the most common complaint in women’s circle but what if men are ready to drop? But due to sedentary lifestyles, eating habits and irregular sleeping pattern, men are also experiencing an epidemic of fatigue. Many of the men also complain of never waking up refreshed, completely worn-out after calling it a day, feel like lying on the couch doing nothing on the days off. So let’s find out the causes which lead to low energy and sleepiness in modern men;

A good sleep in the best cure in the book:
The first and the most important reason of getting tired is that we don’t get enough sleep. In general, a healthy adult needs an average of 8 hours of sleep. But due to our hectic working schedule, things do not fall in our favour. And if luckily we get a chance of having those forty winks, the electronic gadgets (joy pad, laptop etc.) come in the way. But we need to prioritise sleep to have a wonderful day tomorrow. So put down all the distractions and focus on what your body needs badly. ‘’Be wise and sleep tight’’.

Even men have emotional or psychological problems:
It’s a popular stereotype that women suffer from various emotional problems but there is a new sleep thief in town for men- anxiety over life choices and the future. Anxiety and depression can arise from splitting up with a long-term partner, having death of a loved one, suffering from financial crunches, family problems to feeling trapped in a dead end job. Milder depression can be dealt by exercising, eating healthy, meeting friends and adopting a positive outlook. But if things appear beyond repair, counsellor’s help is much needed immediately.

Exercise-a tribute to the heart:
Physically fit body is one of the most important assets that human beings can possess. But in today’s lifestyle, we all are mentally over active and physically under active. This means that we do not schedule some movements into our day. Going for a quick walk after lunch, hitting the gym once in a while, feeling the fresh air in the nearby park are some the best ways to clear the mental fog which makes you tired in the middle of the day. Embrace a healthy lifestyle to have a happy and satisfied state of mind.

Eat healthy stay healthy:
Eating habits play a major role in deciding the way our body behaves. Poor eating habits like eating junk food, inappropriate portion of food, bad pattern and style of eating leads to fatigue and feeling listless. So it is always recommended to adopt that old adage ‘’ breakfast like a king, lunch like a price and dine like a pauper’’. So go for healthy eating habits rather than succumbing to your unhealthy temptations.

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