Reduce Joint Stress While Running On Pavement

Reduce Joint Stress While Running On Pavement - EatHealthyLiveFit.ComJogging or running is an excellent exercise done outdoors where you can be alone with your thoughts and feel fresh, energetic and great about yourself. Running is one of the best cardio exercises out there and it’s much more effective than anything. It’s natural and it burns calories, but of course, there are side effects to it if you do in on rough surfaces such as pavements or footpaths.

Unfortunately, that might be the only choice you have if you live in urban or suburban areas. Running on pavements and footpaths may be good in the short run, but in the long run, it can cause joint stress, knee problems and other types of pain.

To avoid such problems, perhaps you should try running on different surfaces each time. If that is not possible, there are some other ways to reduce joint stress. One of the injuries caused is a runner’s knee. It’s a pain behind the kneecap and it can be reduced by sticking to uphill surfaces or softer flat surfaces. Sometimes, braces or knee-tapping can help or even cutting back on the miles.

Another common injury is Achilles tendinitis or Achilles swelling caused by mileage increase, uncomfortable footwear, very tight calves or a flat foot. To reduce this pain, you must warm up before running and wear comfortable running shoes. Take brakes while running and avoid adding too much pressure on yourself and your legs.

Plantar fasciitis is an injury that consists of irritation, inflammation or entirely tearing the plantar fascia (tissue located on the bottom of the foot). It can be caused by wearing the wrong footwear while running characterized by sharp pain in the back of the foot arch. To reduce the stress, wear shoes with softer supportive cushions and try rolling a tennis ball over the heel.

Shin splints are sharp, painful sensations in the shin that every runner has experienced. They happen when the tendons and muscles are subject to inflammation. To reduce the pain, you should try to ice the shins for twenty minutes and you should keep them up at night. Your sneakers should be the right size and comfort and you should run on softer surfaces.

Another strangely-named injury that can cause a lot of stress on the joints is Iliotibial band syndrome. This injury aims at the outside of the knee because inflammation of the iliotibial band occurs. If you run many miles, you should reconsider this decision and decrease the mileage. Also, try running on soft and flat surfaces, not downhill. Stretch, do foam rolling etc.

Ankle sprain is a specific joint injury that occurs when the ankle rolls out of its place either inwards or outwards, which causes to stretch the ligament and put you in incredible pain. Tripping on branches, potholes, curbs or rough surface can cause this injury and the best think to reduce the pain is to do balance exercises. A lot of rest and seeing a doctor as well as wearing an ankle brace and taking a break from running until it’s healed.

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