How often should you Clean or Replace Clothing items?

You may think that you are keeping your yourself clean but are you cleaning or even replacing these everyday clothing items properly?
[With most of these items, replacement should be done when the clothing wears out or doesn’t fit anymore.]

Jeans Track Pants - EatHealthyLiveFit.comJeans/Track-suit pants
CLEAN: Both Jeans and Track-suit (sweat) pants, should be washed about every 5 wears. That could be once a week or fortnight for some.

With Jeans, CEO of Levi says to do wait 6 months before every wash. The reasoning behind this is to “preserve the creases you make, creases that are unique to you. The way you sit, the way you keep your phone in your pocket….you rub off the indigo in certain places; it’s a colour thing rather than a fitting thing”. You can do that if you like, but the hygienic way of looking after your jeans is every 5 wears, as mentioned above.
If you wear Track-suit (Sweat) pants to actually exercise in regularly, and and not just lounge around in, well then you may want to wash them more frequently.

T-Shirt - EatHealthyLiveFit.comT-shirts
CLEAN: These should be washed everyday, or if you’re lucky every 1-2days. There’s not much more to say on that as it is pretty self-explanatory and similar to most other piece of clothing, but it doesn’t really have as many icky factors as tights, underwear/bras and socks.

Jumper Sweater -



CLEAN: This rule of thumb matched the rule for jeans and Track-suit (sweat) pants. Clean these every 5 wears…or more often if needed.





Pyjamas - EatHealthyLiveFit.comPyjamas/Nighties
CLEAN: You sleep and sweat in this piece of clothing, so washing these as frequently as every 2 wears, is the way to go.






Tights - EatHealthyLiveFit.comTights/Stockings
CLEAN: So I don’t know how many of us can actually say we do this, but tights and stockings should be washed after every use. It’s pretty gross but they are actually a great breeding ground for bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.





Bras - EatHealthyLiveFit.comBras
CLEAN: Bras should also be washed every 2 wears. They collect, a lot of sweat, even if you’re not a very sweat prone person. They are pressed against you tightly and bacteria love that. You should take care when washing bras. Either wash them by hand in the sink, or wash them using a “delicates” washing bag (all bra stores sell them). Don’t just throw the bras into the washing machine, as they will get damaged over time. The under-wire can even come out of the bra and jam up the machine.
REPLACE: Bras should be replaced first and foremost, when the bra stops supporting you. But that’s a great topic for another article in itself.

Underwear - EatHealthyLiveFit.comUnderwear & Socks
CLEAN: So this is probably the most obvious one. Your underwear should be cleaned EVERYDAY and every time you have a shower/bath (basically every time you’re clean, you should also put on clean clothes and underwear)! If you need to, after a sweaty day or something, then freshen up with a new pair too.





Socks - EatHealthyLiveFit.comCLEAN: Socks should also be done everyday, or more often if you need to. Bacteria and fungus love the heat and sweat in your socks….and your underwear.






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