Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Goji Berry - EatHealthyLiveFit.comAs this is a medicinal plant, you should always consult your health-care practitioner, when choosing to use it as a herbal remedy.

Goji Berry’s Health Benefits include;
1. Improves Overall Health and 2. Dense Nutritional Profile and 3. Immune Booster
Goji berries are one of, if not the best dried fruits you can eat. They are full of nutrients and anti-oxidants and great for overall health and immune boosting.

4. Treats Loss of Muscle Mass
Goji Berries have been used for thousands of years for strength building. The Iron in the berries, assist with transporting healthy oxygen rich blood around the body and muscles, Goji Berries also contain Calcium which helps to regulate healthy nerve and cardiovascular function assisting with healthy muscles. In a 30gram serving of Goji Berries, there is 4g of protein, which assists with building of healthy muscles.

5. Diuretic
The Diuretic properties of Goji Berries can help flush out the kidneys and help lower blood-pressure.

6. Reduces Fever and 7. Treats Colds & Flues
Goji Berries can be used to naturally treat cols and flues as well as their symptoms, which include fevers.

8. High Anti-Oxidant
Goji Berries are a rich source of Anti-oxidants, making them great from protection from free-radicals. With respect to the quantity of antioxidants in goji berries, they have a high ORAC value along with other beneficial berries. This indicates their extraordinary ability to reduce oxidative stress. “ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples in vitro”.

9. Treats UTI’s
The anti-microbial/anti-bacterial properties of Goji Berries make it a great source of Natural UTI fighting power.

10. Treats Macular Degeneration
Goji Berries are great for eye health and protection and treating eyes for Macular Degeneration. The anti-oxidant, zeaxanthin, helps stops damage from UV light exposure. Goji Berries have also been known to treat Glaucoma naturally as well.

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