Health Benefits of Hyssop

Hyssop - EatHealthyLiveFit.comAs this is a medicinal plant, you should always consult your health-care practitioner, when choosing to use it as a herbal remedy.

Hyssop‘s Health Benefits include;
1. Removes Congestion from Chest & Sinuses
Hyssop can be used to remove congestion of the Respiratory Tract (the chest and sinuses). Inhaling the vapours or rubbing the oil (with a base oil) onto the chest, can open up the chest and force the clearing of mucus and other nasties.

2. Regulates Blood-Pressure
Hyssop can be used to relieve hypertension and and regulate high blood-pressure. But always consult a healthcare practitioner before using it, as it is not for everyone.

3. Calm Nerves
The antispasmodic effect of Hyssop calms the nervous system and relaxed muscles.

4 Aids Digestion & Intestinal Congestions
Hyssop essential oil can be used to aid digestive and intestinal issues, such as; Stomach-aches, Gas, and indigestion. It can also assist with loss of appetite.

5. Stabilises Blood-Sugar Levels
Hyssop tea contains an anti-oxidant which can lower or stabilise blood-sugar levels.

6. Relieves Fevers and 7. Induces Sweating
Hyssop can be used as a Febrifuge, which means it can lower the body’s temperature and relieve a fever. If a fever is due to a infection or toxins in the body, it will remove them, hence bringing down the body’s “fighting” temperature. It can also induce sweating, which assist with the removal of these toxins through the skin, as well as cooling down the body.

8. Aids Blood Circulation
Hyssop promotes circulation throughout the body, including blood, nervous system, digestive, endocrine (hormonal glands system), neural and the elimination system.

9. Treats Nose & Throat Infections
The common cold infection, which resides in the nose, throat and chest, can be treated by Hyssop. It can loosen phlegm in the respiratory tract and keeps it clear of further infections.

10. Aids UTI’s
Hyssop is a great Diuretic. It can flush out infections, excess water and sodium, fats and even lower blood-pressure from the flushing out of urine. If drunk as a tea a few times a day, for a couple of days, a Urinary Tract Infection can be flushed out of the system, *along with proper hygiene and consuming the best quality, fresh, or least processed foods.

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