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Healthy Grocery List

Before any grocery shop, whether it is for food or not, you should always make a list. If you don’t, you may be tempted to stray away from the real reasons you came to grocery store buy a lot more … Continue reading

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Why skipping breakfast makes you put on weight!

Don’t want to look like a Sumo? Then keep reading. Many people believe that if they skip breakfast, that they will have less food in their body for the day and hence lose weight. This weight loss theory is counter-intuitive. … Continue reading

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Are you thinking about your Lunch?

What do you have for lunch when you’re working? A nice healthy thought-through lunch, or a last minute, last resort meal typically consisting of a meat pie, chips and a soft drink? I’m going to compare the Thinking (organised) person’s … Continue reading

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A Good Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast Protein Intake E.g.: eggs, fish, yogurt, nuts. Carbohydrates Intake E.g.: oats or muesli, bread, fruit. Good Fats Intake E.g.: Adding ground nuts and seeds (LSA Mix), lecithin, chia seed to your oats or muesli.  Or you can even add … Continue reading

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