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Tips To Achieve 10 Fitness Goals

Everyone around us have varying fitness goals, from generally trying to stay fit to adopting exercise as a lifestyle and incorporating it into your daily routine. Irrespective of the innumerous health benefits of exercising and staying fit, getting motivated for … Continue reading

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Core Strength Training Workouts

What are Core Muscles? Core strengthening exercises are all the rage in fitness nowadays. Everybody from professional athletes to marathon runners and celebrities are adopting it for the purpose of better performance, improved posture and a stronger spine. The basic … Continue reading

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The Amazing Benefits of Bananas

Bowel Health: Bananas are packed full of soluble fibre which prevents constipation and helps maintain general bowel health, and keeps you regular. Bananas are in the top 5 fruits with the highest fibre content. Brain Power: During studying or working … Continue reading

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What are the Benefits of Yoga For Your Body?

The main reasons why people want to start doing yoga is to become fitter, more energetic, happier and peaceful. Yoga works on your mind, body and spirit. Working on these three through yoga can have positive effects of harmonising the body and … Continue reading

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Exercise Principles for a Healthy Mind Body and Spirit

Exercise, as I’m sure you already are aware, is a vital part of Living Fit and Healthy. The five key aspects of exercise for a healthy mind, body and spirit are, stretching, aerobic, balance, strength and deep breathing. In this … Continue reading

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Example Simple Exercise Regimes

Example Exercise Regimes – Can be done in any order, any time of the day/week and bits of pieces can be swapped around between the different regimes. Form a Regime that you feel comfortable with and depending on your lifestyle. … Continue reading

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What are the benefits of Pilates for your body?

We all know exercise is good for your body, but deciding what type of exercise is good for you specifically is more of a challenge. Pilates is a form of physical exercise that has many benefits for your body. Pilates … Continue reading

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