Stress-relieving Yoga Poses

Stress-relieving Yoga Poses - EatHealthyLiveFit.comYoga is known for its general stress-relieving properties. There are many Asanas (yoga poses) that focus on stress relief and help you feel better in an instant. Stress can be a big part of our lives, and unfortunately, it’s not good for our body and mind. These yoga poses will help you relax and unwind after a stressful day.

  1. Bridge. This pose is good for stress relief because it stretches the back and the thighs thus making room for reduced anxiety, migraines, fatigue, insomnia etc. To do it, lie on the yoga mat on your back, bring your feet to your butt and place your palms on both sides of the body. Slowly lift the lower part of your body first and continue with the back. When you reach a comfortable position (the bridge), breathe and go back to initial. Repeat 10 times.

  2. Savasana. This pose is practiced at every yoga class. It’s called the corpse pose because it helps your body stay in a calm state and relax. It’s accompanied with a breathing technique to help with additional relaxation. For savasana, you should lie on your back and breathe for at least 5 minutes.

  3. Child’s pose. This position can help you rest and relax. It stretches your back and releases tension and stress and it’s so easy to do. Just sit on your feet with knees bent, bring your body towards the floor and your hands stretched above your head and breathe. Remain in this pose for a few minutes.

  4. Puppy. The purpose of this pose is to release tension from the shoulders that are the part of the body with the most stiffness during stressful situations. To perform this pose, sit on the mat with your knees on the floor, lean your body forwards (towards the floor like in child’s pose) and keep your butt in the air. The lower part of your legs and feet should be parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for a few moments and breathe.

  5. Forward bending. This pose offers a lot of stretching and tension relief, especially in the hips and thighs. Stand straight on the mat, bend your knees a bit and bring your body towards your feet, ultimately touching the floor. Bring your head towards the knees as far as you can. Breathe and remain in this pose for a few moments. Slowly move upwards.

  6. The Eagle. This asana will help you relax and get rid of tension in the back, shoulders and legs. Maintain balance is key here, so be prepared. Stand straight on the mat and bend your knees a little. Bring one leg behind the other by twisting it around it. Twist one arm around the other – your palms should touch each other. Remain in this pose for a few moments, than slowly release.

  7. Triangle pose. With this pose, you’ll stretch your legs, back and arms. It helps relieve stress and relax the body. To do it, stand on your yoga mat with straight legs. With your right leg, take a step backwards and turn the foot outwards. Bend your body with the right arm reaching towards the ceiling and the left aimed towards the floor. Bend your body towards the floor to touch it and keep your eyes on the right palm stretched upwards. Hold for a few moments, then go back to initial position and repeat with other side.

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How to Start an Exercise Routine

Don't Stop Confucius - EatHealthyLiveFit.comExercising should be a part of everybody’s life, but some of us are more disciplined and with higher motivation than others. If you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to start an exercise routine, here are some surefire ways for you to start slowly and work your way to progress. You’ll develop self-discipline along the way and the best of all – you won’t regret a minute of your time spent exercising.

The number 1 most obvious thing to do is to make a plan. Find a routine you think you can do and make a plan for it in your week. Assign special days and times for exercising and don’t postpone or cancel. Grab the necessary equipment, call your willpower and together, start the routine. This plan should be specific – for example: working out 20 minutes a day, 4 times a week. You get to choose the dates and time, so this is a good way to practice self-discipline.

Second thing to do is to invest in good, high quality equipment. This includes running shoes, sweatpants, props, weights – whatever you’ll need to remind yourself to benefit from the investment. If you bought an expensive pair of running shoes, you wouldn’t want them to sit unused and you’ll be more likely to get up and running.

Next, set reminders. They don’t have to come in the form of alarms – more like reminders of your goal. For instance, circle the days for exercise on the calendar or place your running shoes where you can see them. When you finish one week of workout regime, reward yourself with something nice. A spa day, a new piece of clothing or a new piece of equipment – anything goes as long as it’s not junk food.

Find an exercise buddy – everybody is more likely to not give up when they have a partner to motivate them. Motivating each other is good for both of you because if one of you starts to show signs of weakness, the other can lift his spirits and make him stay on track.

Don’t push yourself too hard. The initial enthusiasm can disappear in time, so start with your regime slowly and build your way to strength with patience. If you push yourself too hard with exercises you can’t do, you’re more likely to call it quits and go back to your old ways. So, when choosing the regime, bear in mind your own level of fitness and the types of exercises you’d benefit the most from and create your regime based on that information.

Take a break. Exercising every day is fine, but in order to give your body time to tone and create muscle definition, you must set days for taking a break. As a matter of fact, rest is strongly recommended, especially if you’re a beginner because you don’t want to experience sore muscles in the first week and then not being able to exercise the next one. So, besides taking it slow, take some rest too. Your body will thank you for it.

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Fitness May Make Kids Smarter

Exercise Childrens Brains - EatHealthyLiveFit.comMany children today would rather sit in front of the TV or computer or play with their mobile phones all day long and of course, this doesn’t count as physical activity. Then, there are kids who like to exercise, play sports or just be physically active, regardless of the kind of activity. Well, according to a new study, these kids will grow up to be smarter than their non-active peers. Namely, Laura Chaddock-Heyman decided to conduct a study to explore this at the department of psychology at the University of Illinois. Continue reading

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Exercises That Melt Stress Away

Melt Stress Away - EatHealthyLiveFit.comStress is a common problem in today’s society. Some people use relaxation techniques, such as meditation and breathing and some choose to exercise it away. Here are some effective exercises that’ll make stress go away in a second.

  1. Cardio exercises. Cardio engages the heart and the cardiovascular system to burn more energy and calories. It’s an active way of working out. Some of the most popular cardio exercises include: running, aerobic, high-intensity gym exercises etc. Doing cardio just 20 minutes a day can make your heart healthier and you less stressed, because of the endorphin (good mood hormone) release. You’ll also sleep better.

  2. Tai Chi. One effective Tai Chi move is the cloudy hands. Place your right hand in front of the body and the left next to it. Keep the palms facing outwards. Now bring your left arm on the place of your right arm and vice versa. Sway with your arms back and forth. You’ll feel stress saying goodbye.

  3. Cross-body stretching or Seated Twist. Sit on the floor and place your legs in front of you. Place the left leg over the right so that the foot will be close to the knee. Turn the body to the right and stretch well. Repeat with the opposite leg and side. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Shake. Nope, not a milkshake – this exercise is about shaking every bit of your body in order to loosen up. Shaking your arms, legs, head and moving your core in every direction gives your body a good reason to get rid of stress and tension.

  5. Reach for the stars. For this move, you should stand with a straight body. Then hang your head down; rise up and place your arms behind you. Swing them towards the ceiling, as if you’re reaching for the stars. Lift your head towards the ceiling as well. Go back to straight position and repeat at least 10 times.

  6. Brisk walking. Brisk walking can be a very useful form of exercise and won’t tire you very much if you’re feeling under the weather. Find a route nearby, find a partner if you can and go. Move as fast as you can and keep your arms to the sides of your body at a 90 degree angle at the elbows. They shouldn’t be loose in order to keep the balance. It’s best to find a shorter route so that you can repeat the walk on your way back. Take a break between the walks.

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Daily Morning Juice – Lemon Ginger Blast + VIDEO

Daily Morning Juice - EatHealthyLiveFit.comToday I’m introducing you to our Daily Morning Juice. It is a very nutrient dense, spicy and flavourful juice.
This juice recipe is a modified version of the “Lemon Ginger Blast” by Lou Corona.


So here are the ingredientsServes 1-2 (Click to Enlarge Photos):
Daily Morning Juice INGREDIENTS Bunch Coriander/Cilantro
-Half Bunch Mint
-Half Bunch Parsley
-4 Apples
-1 Lemon
-2 Oranges
-Thumb Ginger
-Half Habanero Chilli


Here are the Steps (Check out the video below for full ingredients and instructions!):
Daily Morning Juice - Chopping Greens-EatHealthyLiveFit.comFirst you’ll need to chop up the greens (Coriander/Cilantro, Mint & Parsley) a little. This just helps the juicer, juice these with ease.


Daily Morning Juice - Chopping Fruits -


Now you need to chop up all the fruit etc.
(Apples, Lemon, Oranges, Ginger, Chilli)





Now you are ready to juice your ingredients. We have a slow press juicer, which is the best kind if you want to press out as much nutrients as possible, from the fruit/veg/green fibre. High speed centrifugal juicers are quick, but they do not produce the same quality juice. They produce very fluffy, aerated, less nutrient dense juices and do not separate the juice from the fibre anywhere near as efficiently as a slow press juicer.

Once all the Greens and Fruit have been juiced, you need to add a third (of the final juice volume) of water to the juice. This needs to be done to dilute the spiciness and help with the digestion of the juice.

Once diluted, pour your freshly made juice into a glass or jar (depending how big it is).
Daily Morning Juice - Turmeric - EatHealthyLiveFit.comNow add the final ingredient, which is Turmeric. Stir half to a full teaspoon into your glass/Jar of juice.
Turmeric has awesomely crazy good health benefits. Having Turmeric everyday is a great idea if you want to keep healthy.


Here is a video of the juice being made, from chopping to serving up – Including Tips and Tricks. ENJOY!
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Karma Wellness Vitamin Water – REVIEW & GIVE-AWAY

Karma Wellness Water BOTTLES Cover - EatHealthyLiveFit.comI recently tested out Karma Wellness Water in 3 flavours – Acai Pomberry, Orange Mango and Passionfruit Green Tea. [Give-away at the end of the post!]

When you first look at the bottle, the water is clear, as no vitamins have been mixed into the water yet. Each bottle is equipped with “KarmaCap technology”. Unlike other vitamin waters, the vitamins are separate from the water, until you are ready to drink. This is beneficial as some of the nutrients can be lost if the vitamins are premixed in the water for weeks, or months or longer. Continue reading

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Ways to Make some “Me” Time

It's Me-TimeOur busy lives don’t often leave much time for some “me” time – there are always things that we consider more important than just being on our own. This is because we feel more accomplished and useful if we’re constantly on the move, doing many tasks and ticking things off our to-do lists, but the truth is – everyone needs some alone time Continue reading

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Honey for Gorgeous Skin, Hair, and Nails

Honey For SkinMother Nature has all types of natural cosmetics in her pantry for you with numerous benefits for the skin and body. Why use store-bought, when you can have all-natural, organic and nutrient-packed cosmetics for a fraction of the cost? One of the amazing gifts of nature is honey – an elixir of youth and health often used in many cosmetic products. Its benefits can be applied to your hair, nails and skin and leave them healthy and radiant. Here are some ways Continue reading

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Strength-Training Moves for Runners

Strength Training For Runners - EatHealthyLiveFit.comRunning is a serious business and it is not an easy task, even though it may look like that sometimes. Runners are a bunch of strong, persistent people who don’t just give up if the weather’s not ok or if they don’t feel like running today or if they don’t see results after the first week. With running comes a mindset of self-discipline and in order to gain that strength, besides not giving up, you can do a series of strength-training exercises. Most of them are nothing new, but they are Continue reading

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5 Habits of Highly Fit People

Habits of Highly Fit People - EatHealthyLiveFit.comBeing healthy and fit doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience and self-discipline to follow a certain diet and lifestyle and to exercise regularly and not everybody can do it. However, everybody can take steps towards this goal and actually accomplish it if they replace their bad habits and sedentary lifestyle with new, helpful habits by incorporating small changes into their everyday Continue reading

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