Vitamin B7: Everything You Need To Know

by Nise on April 25, 2014

VitaminB7 - EatHealthyLiveFit_comFamously known as biotin, Vitamin B7 is a coenzyme that is imperative for the metabolism of fatty acids as well as amino acids in order to release glucose within the blood stream. Being water soluble- any unused quantities of this nutrient, coming from the class of B complex vitamins, will be eliminated through the urine. Biotin has numerous metabolic functions along with keeping our blood glucose level in check. Due to its abundant benefits to hair, nails and skin Vitamin B7 is also sometimes referred to as the beauty vitamin. Without this vital coenzyme, many enzymes are unable to work effectively which ultimately leads to diseases and health issues.

Sources of Vitamin B7
Eating natural foods is one of the healthiest options to introduce Vitamin B7 in your regular diet. [click to continue…]


Vitamin B6: Everything You Need To Know

by Nise on April 24, 2014

VitaminB6 - EatHealthyLiveFit_comVitamin B6 or more commonly known as pyridoxine is the key factor in the manufacturing of hemoglobin and maintenance of our brain health. Like all other family of B complex vitamins, B6 is water soluble and must be taken continuously in your diet as any excess amounts of this vitamin leaves the body in form of urine. Pyridoxine works to metabolize glucose, amino acids and lipids in the liver. It also plays an integral role in hundreds of metabolic processes therefore, it is very important to consume enough of B6 on a daily basis. Moreover, pyridoxine is the most commonly deficient vitamin among all other existing B vitamin shortages.

Sources of Vitamin B6
To prevent any potential shortages, incorporate the following foods in your diet (If you are a Vegetarian/Vegan, there are other options other than eating animal products – See below). [click to continue…]


Vitamin B3: Everything You Need To Know

by Nise on April 23, 2014

VitaminB3 - EatHealthyLiveFit_comOne of eight B complex vitamins, niacin or B3 helps in converting food into fuel in our body for the purpose of provision of energy. Being water soluble, this vitamin cannot be stored and any excess would continuously be excreted through our kidneys. Therefore, it needs to be consumed on a regular basis. Along with providing energy, niacin also works in maintaining the integrity of all cells that make up the human system and thus ensures a healthy and active overall lifestyle.

Sources of Vitamin B3
Niacin occurs naturally in many foods (preferable rich in proteins) [click to continue…]


Vitamin B2: Everything You Need To Know

Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is one among the eight vitamins of the B complex. Being water soluble, this vitamin needs to be replenished on a regular basis in order to prevent any deficiencies within the human body. Any excess B2 is eliminated in form of urine therefore, the yellower the urine, the larger is the […]

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Vitamin B1: Everything You Need To Know

Thiamine vitamin or more commonly known as B1 got it’s name because it was the first B vitamin to be discovered. Vitamin B1 is a water soluble vitamin that exists within the range of B complex vitamins. This is a vital enzyme that assists the body in converting food in to energy. Also known as […]

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Vitamin A: Everything You Need To Know

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is found in abundance within our liver and aids in growth, development and innumerous bodily functions specifically in maintaining healthy vision, strengthening the immune system and providing fresh & glowing skin. Vitamin A is also sometimes known as retinol as it produces the vital pigment present in […]

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Ways to Get Stronger Without Needing weights

If you can’t afford or don’t like going to the gym or you don’t have the space or the money to invest in making one at home, you’re probably wondering if you can achieve good enough results by replacing the gym exercises with ones you can do at home or outside. You have the willpower, […]

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Reason to Banish Bread From Your Diet

What would you spread all those delicious spreads on if you didn’t have bread? You may love the regular wheat one or those ‘healthy’ wholegrain types, but the fact of the matter is – they’re all more or less bad for your health. How, you may wonder. Simply because they’re grains and grains, even processed […]

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Reasons to Start Making Fresh Juices Today

Who doesn’t like freshly squeezed, heavenly-tasting, mixed, smooth and healthy fruit or veggie juices? It’s like you’ve taken all of your favorite fruits and ate them all at once, only with juices, it’s a liquid pleasure. The creations and combinations are endless, and the result is a healthier you, a happy and vital body and a clear mind. Basically, there’s no […]

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What is an Acid/Alkaline Diet?

The Acid/Alkaline diet is one of the many diets out there that promotes healthy food, healthy body and healthy weight loss. It is based on the principle of foods that affect the acidity level of the human body and the pH value of the fluids in the body such as blood or urine. The main […]

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