The Health Benefits of Papaya & Pawpaw

by Nise on August 2, 2014

Papaya is a tropical fruit known for its many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, digestive and medicinal benefits. It’s shaped like a pear, but its taste and overall features are unique. It has an orange flesh and it’s soft and sweet to eat. Pawpaw on the other hand has a yellowish flesh and is slightly larger than papaya. Even though they look alike, we’re talking about two different fruits both in physical appearance and taste. Pawpaw’s taste is slightly creamy and banana-like, like a mix of mango, banana and cantaloupe. Papaw has more protein content than most fruits. Papaya is one of those fruits that are very low in calories – 100 grams of papaya contains as low as 39 calories. Besides, it contains many phytonutrients and dietary fiber that make this fruit of the healthiest out there. Dietary fiber, especially the soluble type helps with digestion and normal bowel movement. [click to continue…]


The Health Benefits of Oranges

by Nise on August 1, 2014

10 Health Benefits of Oranges.

Oranges are juicy, delicious and health-packed fruits with many nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for optimal health, growth and well being. They’re semitropical fruits that contain very few calories – 47 in 100 grams fresh oranges. This fruit doesn’t contain saturated fats, but it does contain plenty of dietary fiber much needed in the gastrointestinal system. One of the dietary fiber types is pectin that acts as a laxative.

Oranges, like their relatives from the citrus family are a rich source of vitamin C. This is a powerful vitamin with strong antioxidant properties. There are 53.2 mg in 100 grams of orange which makes about 90% of the daily recommended allowance. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties make him a natural fighter against free radicals, a natural immune system booster and a natural protection from flu, cold and other infections. [click to continue…]


The Health Benefits of Nectarines

by Nise on July 31, 2014


10 Health Benefits of Nectarines.

Nectarines, closely related to peaches, are sweet, juicy and nutritious fruits known for their soft flesh and smooth skin. Its country of origin is China and from there it spread all over the world for people to enjoy its lovely flavor. It’s a summer fruit with fruits starting to appear in June. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and it’s also low in calories. [click to continue…]


The Health Benefits of Nashi

Nashi pear is a fruit that resembles an apple due to its shape, but is in fact a pear. This fruit cannot indicate ripeness by being soft or hard; instead, you can see if it’s ripe according to its aroma – the more fragrant it is, the riper it’s likely to be. These ‘apple-pears’ have […]

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The Health Benefits of Mango

Mango is a sweet, tropical and juicy fruit that is called a King among fruits because of its taste, health benefits, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains. It’s also called super fruit because of these features. It’s orange-yellowish in color and its taste is somewhat tart and mild. It is believed that due to […]

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The Health Benefits of Mandarins

Mandarin oranges are characterized by a juicy, sweet flesh and easily peeled skin called pericarp. These fruits belong to the citrus family and they’re grown and sold all over the world. They contain many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other health beneficial ingredients. Mandarins are a little smaller than oranges and they have a slightly […]

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The Health Benefits of Lychees

Lychee, also known as Litchi is the first herald of summer. It’s sweet, delicious, juicy and nutritious and it can refresh the body in the scorching heat. It’s a tropical fruit with white flesh and a lovely flavor. Lychees’ peak season is from May until October. 100 grams lychee contains as low as 66 calories.

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The Health Benefits of Lemons & Limes

Lemons and limes are citrus fruits with oval shape and yellow and green color respectively. They’re usually used because of their juice and sourness and sometimes because of their zest used in some desserts. Nonetheless, lemons and limes are one of the healthiest fruits in the world and their peak season is May through August […]

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The Health Benefits of Kiwifruit

Kiwi fruit is a delicious, slightly sour, green fruit with a ‘hairy’ skin. It is also known by the name of Chinese gooseberry and it contains many vitamins and minerals as well as phytochemicals – all of which contribute to our health and wellbeing. Kiwi fruit is China’s national fruit. Kiwi fruit season is usually […]

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The Health Benefits of Honeydew

Honeydew is a sweet, juicy fruit that’s a member of the melon family. It usually comes in a pale yellow color and it’s fleshy inside. It contains many healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber etc. 100 grams of honeydew contain just 60 calories and this is great news for dieters who want something sweet, […]

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